Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mom

Last year at this time you’d just began your first round of chemotherapy and we had no idea if it would work. It felt as though it would be our last Mother’s Day together.

Now here we are, 10 days after our fabulously relaxing trip to the beach and looking into retirement living options with Dr. Savage’s blessing.

It has been 16 months we learned of your pancreatic tumor and there have been many, many painful, exhausting days for you. But through it all you manage to smile and still worry about others. You lack selfishness and continue to try to think of others and  be of service when possible.

It’s incredible.

Through your struggles I witness God’s grace every day. I also feel my love for you grow, even when I thought it couldn’t get any bigger.

While there’s never any assurance we’ll have another day together, I have faith that we are doing the right things with the ones we have been given.

I never have regrets about spending the day with you, and I always look forward to talking with you on the phone each night – even if I’ve just seen you hours before.

I also never feel resentful about helping you with projects big and small, and I feel honored to be able to help you navigate the challenges associated with your cancer treatment.

This Mother’s Day I actually feel more peaceful and optimistic than I did last year. Despite a terrible diagnosis, you are an amazing example of faith in action.

I celebrate the warm, funny, gentle, bright, graceful soul that I know you to be and I look forward to where your journey will take us next.

Happy Mother’s Day dearest friend and lifetime love.

I love your spirit and I’m proud to be your daugher.